Intoduction to our new blog…just my two cents worth.


My name is Kimberly Stone and I work as the Director of Client Relations here at Cannon Wealth Management Services. I am the resident “Girl Friday” or as I prefer to be known…”Director of Sunshine and Happiness”. I am 45 years old and completely comfortable with saying that. I have a wonderful husband and two beautifully imperfect but absolutely delicious children.

This blog is committed to bringing attention to the little things that become big monsters, and how to tame the invisible dragons in our path toward happiness. The sometime unexpected stumbles that may result in a fractured state of being, and learning how to not only mend, but to heal, recover and grow.

The simple joys of giving back to our community, each other and ourselves. Letting life be as it is meant to be…lived. Without regret, or worry. I am investing in that premise for both of us…me the writer and you the reader. I hope you enjoy the journey with me.

“A penny invested for your thoughts” is my way of looking at where we are in life, and how each stage determines its value. The more we grow, the more we expand, the people we include, the lives that we touch…and change along the way, the more invested we become.

Simple blogs and ramblings, observations and snapshots of the things in life I feel are relevant to me and this new stage (age) I am entering and maybe some of it will touch on something familiar to you. Hopefully you will enjoy reading along with me, and maybe just maybe we will both learn a thing or two along the way. ~ Kimberly

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  1. mn1mt2ar3 says:

    Thanks Kimberly!
    It was a pleasure to read your blog!

    I am not quite twice your age & also comfortable in sharing my age.

    Yes it has been a growth process for me .
    Some of the expanding that has taken place has been from great pain.
    It took me time to allow people into my life. As I had put up a Protective wall from hurtful relationships.

    It was easier for me to invest in others lives rather than allow them to contribute to mine.

    When they did I could not believe it was for real!

    It took a time & a total breakdown.

    Then God used a very precious woman who I had invested in for years.
    The relationship became one of great healing & trust!
    This allowed me to see the gift of real community.

    I love your words “The more we grow, the more we expand, the people we include, the lives that we touch…and change along the way.

    Grandma B


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