A proud moment from the Heart…

Good Friday Eve…or as I would like to draw attention to, Maundy Thursday. If you are not familiar with that date it is the Thursday before Easter and the night of the Last Supper. To me, it is one of the most significant times as a deeply flawed person to look at Christ as an example to try to strive for.

The Passover meal was when Jesus washed the feet of His disciples in an extraordinary display of humility. Then he commanded they do the same for one another. This thought has resonated with me today. We had a lengthy marketing/staff meeting that lasted for three plus hours. It was the first time we had sat together as a team since the current tax season.

Now, you may wonder what type of correlation a staff meeting has to the Last Supper, and I wouldn’t blame you…lol. What I am referring to is the fellowship and focus on the humility and service aspects. I’ve been here at CWMS for a bit over five years now, and I’m so proud of how far we’ve come. Not just as a company, not just as people, but as a team. The only way we’ve been able to do that, in my opinion, is that we have all individually had to humble ourselves to one another.

That’s a very difficult thing to do, and it has taken us a very long time to get there, but today I felt it in the air, I could see it on faces, and it was a beautiful achievement to realize we are at a good, solid, trusting place now. A place where we honestly love and serve one another. I really think that’s what sets our company apart. I know it is why this is the best place I have ever worked as far as being soul satisfied, and know that there is a sincerity to it. Surrounded by others who want to be an example.

That doesn’t mean we don’t disagree (lol) not by any stretch of the imagination! Trust me, we are a bunch of passionate, well-spoken people who like to have their voices heard…lol! At times we push the limits, but we never cross the lines, because there is that feeling of love for one another, and we do feel in many ways like family in all our disfunctional glory…lol!

At the end of the day what matters is that we give each other an abundance of Grace, and we love one another even when there are days we don’t deserve it. Think about it, Jesus had dinner with people who were going to betray Him, deny Him and turn their backs on Him, and He continued to love them despite their transgressions.

Fortunately, salvation is a wonderful gift that protects us from the penalty we deserve, it grants spiritual strength and motivates Godly action in those who believe. That is the point, the beginning and the reason we do what we do. We do the right things, for the right reasons, and everything will turn out okay…because it’s not about us, it’s about our clients and being good stewards to them.

So dear readers, that’s my observation for this beautiful Maundy Thursday. I wish all of you a fabulous Good Friday, an amazing Ressurection Day, and Easter Blessings to all.