Out of the mouth of Babes…


This is a video of my daughter Ansley at five. She came into the kitchen one night a few years ago around this time of year after seeing a commercial she apparently didn’t like. Now, understand, I DID NOT in any way influence this heart to heart she had with me. I was just so overwhelmed by the comment she came to me with I had to video it to keep for years to come.

See, I can tell you that this wears off, this innocence and simplistic way to view things. It’s not entirely their fault either, the children. We the adults have gotten into this silly mindset that we have to go BIG or go home when it comes to gift giving. That was a huge slap of reality this weekend for me when I cleaned out their rooms. I pulled out games and presents that hadn’t been touched since last year. Put away and forgotten, or at the least opened and discarded.

I also came to recognize that my children do not stray outside their comfort zones. Ansley Rose has enough art supplies that Sylvia Wingler could go back to teaching without skipping a beat. As someone with an artist’s heart, which fills me with joy, but it should also fill me with the reality that she doesn’t need another Barbie, or Shopkin (I sincerely despise Shopkins) or any time of overly priced new wave toy that has hit this year’s top 10 gift giving list. She like pajama’s, she enjoys reading, and above all else, she likes to be creative with crafts.

The boy, he makes videos, he wants something to help with screen shots, things that help him develop and hone his IT skills. So this year I have decided to focus on their future endeavors, not their fleeting impulses. Some stocks may be, bonds to put away for ten years from now when they need a new set of tires. Above all else, I want to be mind full of the children who have so little in their lives, and the parents who wish they could do more. So this year I plan on giving more than receiving. Very sound, solid advice from a five-year-old! 🙂

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