“Here comes the rain again… Falling on my head like a memory.” ~ Eurythmics

So last night was the end of a very long, but successful day. We had a wonderful (but long) meeting and it went very well. I had just settled into my chair on the front porch to enjoy a deserved glass of red wine when the air started to change. The thickness of the air, the smell of it, the sound that becomes absent when there is a permutation to your surroundings. As I was taking this all in I saw a gentleman walking down the sidewalk in a very slow relaxed pace. He had a drink in his hand and looked like he was just out for an early evening stroll.

As he approached my house, this sound…this silent roar came from out of no where and suddenly yet slowly all at once the rain began. Quite literally a wall of rain could be seen and heard approaching. I yelled out to him in a distressed empathetic tone “Oh No!! Here it comes, you’re going to get caught in it!” He just lifted his glass and shrugged with a great big smile and yelled back, “Oh well!” and sure enough, the wall washed over him.

What I noticed then however was that his gate did not change. He just continued on in the same evening stroll fashion he had before the rain. As he walked out of site, this blog came to me. Yes, I do constantly take life’s moments and turn them into blogs, it’s what I do.

When most of us would have the same distress over the storms of life coming our way, this character did not waiver in his path. he didn’t duck and cover, run for shelter, abandon his path, alter his journey in any way. Instead he trudged on in the same methodic pace and rode the storm out as if it never had occurred. He stayed the course. Kept to the plan.

Life presents itself to us daily in many different ways. One of my husbands favorite expressions is perception is some people’s reality. It is a very true statement and can be applied to many things. We all have a plan that we are trying to follow through on. Whether it be watching our children grow and go off to whatever future they may have whether it be college, trade school, or some other passion they discover, we just want them to be successful and happy. We plan for the “what if’s” whatever they may be.

The same with our own personal “someday” retirement plans. Eric and I would like to ideally retire in Charleston, SC. It is without a doubt our favorite place to be. We have history and roots there and hope one of our children at least will decide to follow in their father’s footsteps and attend the College of Charleston. That being said, Charleston is HOT in the midst of summer. So, if we are dreaming the dreams that dreamer’s dream, a nice mountain house to escape the oppressive humidity and heat for a few months out of the year would be nice.

Plans take commitment though. A true desire to dedicate your self to staying the course, even when the road gives way. Planning is not for the weak of heart and the easily frustrated though. You have to be ahead of the game. Sort of a “planning summertime plans when it is snowing” mentality. It drives people nuts. Really. But looking down the road in many situations saves you from being caught off guard and left not being able to do the things you dreamed about being able to do when you reach your “someday” years.

I will start thinking about Thanksgiving at Easter and I schedule my camping trips in December. I pack our suitcases a week before we leave and I know what I am doing for my children’s birthdays six months ahead of time. It makes perfect sense to. I know who is coming for the holidays, and exactly what I’m cooking by Halloween. This allows me to research recipes and try out new things. I am a foodie, so I find great joy in that.

If you wait until spring to plan your camping trips, you miss out on all the really cool water front spots. They are hard enough to find in December, so obviously I am not alone in my freakish nature. If I pack a week ahead, then I have plenty of time to do my “If I die before I come home, my house will be spotless for the people that come over to pay their respects” cleaning. Seriously, admit it…we all have that thought. The embarrassment we would feel if people saw how we really lived. See? Even in death…a good plan is always handy.

So…kudos to the strolling man, walking in the rain. I appreciate his smile and nonchalant attitude. Worst case scenario, he got wet. That is the lesson to be learned I suppose. If we all jumped ship at the first sign of trouble, think of how much we’d miss out on…the rainbows, the flowers, the experience, the rewards, the outcomes, the endings. Stick to your plans for tomorrow, don’t be afraid of a few storms that will inevitably roll through. You just have to have enough faith, perseverance and trust in yourself not to panic or deviate. Confidence that you don’t have to change your stride…this to shall pass and if your feeling particularly sassy…go ahead and dance in the rain, you’re not gonna melt!